Therapy Dogs Helping Overcome Addiction and Avoiding Relapse

By Kevin Leonard -July 16, 2019

Therapeutic dogs have been known to be around since the early 1930s originating from the United Kingdom to help out the blind and deaf people. Now almost a century has passed now and the numbers therapy dogs have been growing at a very fast rate, helping those who have mental disabilities and disorders. Further studies have shown that having a dog as a pet and or as a service animal is really beneficial, especially for those who may be dealing with any sort of addiction, which ultimately means having a service dog can really help someone wrap their mind about overcoming an addiction, with the proper training and right diet a dog is easily a man’s or woman’s best friend, literally having unconditional love towards their owner just by being with them.

Dealing with overcoming an addiction can be a difficult process to deal with alone and it only makes sense to go through it with a significant other or with a loved one. In the event that someone is dealing with this problem and happens to be alone, maybe getting a service dog would be one of the first things to do in order to get better.  Although a dog can come with a lot of duties and responsibilities they benefactors of having a dog and even better service dog are exponential and there is certainly room for growth for the owner and animal, it helps them both build a relationship that can never be broken.

Therapeutic dogs are most commonly known for helping those who have mental disability and disorders when brought into rehabilitation centers the dogs are typically brought into to help people open about their addictions and whatever problems they may be going through.  Addiction is considered a mental illness and animals such as dogs can sense when a human’s stressors are activated which can lead to the addict relapsing and ruining their progress in getting better, in the sense that having a service dog drastically lowers the chances of depression, which is easily a side effect when trying to deal with addiction. Owning a dog just in general easily attracts people walking by and is an easy conversation starter.

It helps with mental awareness and helps the recovering addict gain a sense of ownership and pride.

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