It’s all ABOUT Me…

For as long as I can remember, “it’s been All About Me.”

When I was 12 and I took my first drink of Mad Dog 50/50 and then smoked that first Joint, it was “All About Me.”

When I was 16 and I stuck that first needle of Methamphetamine in my arm, it was “All About Me.”

When I was 21, Malnutritioned at under 80 pounds and dying from the effects of Methamphetamine, it was “All About Me.”

When I was 26 and I was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for being strung-out on Prescription Pills, Depression, Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks, it was “All About Me.”

When I was 38 and suffering from the effects of Alcoholism, drinking from the time I awoke until I passed out every day and attempting suicide, it was “All About Me.”

When I was 39 and admitted into a Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center and walked into Sobriety for the first time since I was 12, it was “All About Me.”

When I was 53 and I relapsed on Methamphetamine and Landed in Prison for almost 3 years, it was Definitely “All About Me.”

When I was 54 and Sobered Up, it was finally about someone other than me… It’s now about you and how I can be of service to you and the world.

It’s now my job to give back to you and the world by being the best Drug & Alcohol Recovery Advocate that I can be and to help achieve this goal getting much-needed help and information to the Drug Addicts & Alcoholics that are still out there suffering, and to those who love us.

Sober, I am a Beautiful Bright Light that Shines Love in this, sometimes, hurtful and cruel world. I am colorful, vivacious, outspoken, and protective of the people I love and beliefs that I possess. I believe that we, Recovering Addicts & Alcoholics, are a precious and much-needed commodity in this world as we possess Loving and Kind qualities that are so seldom found today.

I am Your Recovery Advocate, I am here to shine brightly so that all who suffer, from the effects of Drug & Alcohol Abuse, can see my light from the darkness where they dwell as they return to the world once more and take their places beside me as Beacons of their own Original Light.

We Drug Addicts, Alcoholics and the Mentally Different are very, very special people that the world needs to bring Color, Laughter, Tenderness, Honesty, Understanding, Peace, Serenity and Love back into this world where it belongs.

Join me, and we’ll Light Up the World together!