A Colorful World

Beautiful World

I absolutely LOVE the way Sobriety has brought so much Color and Depth into my life!

I now have clothes in radiant colors and exciting styles that make me happy to wear. Jewelry that shines and sparkles when the sunshine hits it. Perfect, brilliant, glittering nail polish that I admire and show off daily. Shoes, oh the shoes that Light up my feet as I skip along the streets. Pictures, painting and decor accessories adorn my walls that are beautifully designed and enamored with such exciting detail, that I feel in Awe of when I look around.

My playlist is filled with upbeat, meaningful songs that make me overjoyed as I sing along with my windows rolled down in my perfectly suited automobile. As I travel to the places that I go, the sun is always glistening through the trees or there is a vibrant rainbow just there in the clearing. The animals and birds are cheerfully playing and singing peacefully. The roads are paved with children frolicking in the yards, just behind them in their contented homes their pleasant parents await their return.

I now live in a world where I can see hope and peace, with people that I am akin and want to spend time with strengthening our relationship bonds of love. I have relationships that mean the world to me, and I cherish each and every one.

I see the words “God, as I understand HIM” and my eyes light up as I smile I broadly because I do understand just how much He loves me and I hear the word, God and I feel warm and protected, and I absolutely know that He is and all that He is.

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