Me the Alcoholic

I am Selfish and Self Centered to my very core.

It is “All About Me,” never you.

I am an Egomaniac with an Inferiority complex.

My Motives are simple, to get More…

Left to my own devices, I will steal your Alcohol, Drugs, Money or anything else you have of any worth and then help you look for it.

Once I introduce Alcohol or a Drug to my body, no one, even me, can say when I will stop using.

If you have something, I want it and will do anything to get it.

I will Rationalize & Justify any situation to make it turn out how I want it to, without even being aware of it.

My normal state of mind is Irritable, Restless and Discontented.

You are now and will never be more important to me than Alcohol or Drugs.

I have no Willpower when it comes to Alcohol or Drugs and if you are not an Alcoholic, you will never understand this.

Trying to scare me doesn’t work.

I lie about EVERYTHING.

I do not know any more than you do why I am the way I am.

I don’t care about you and your feelings, at all. Nope, never! You fell for it again, didn’t you…

Try to keep up, it’s “All About Me”.

Honesty and Morality are foreign concepts to me.

Jails, Prisons, Mental Institutions, and Cemeteries are filled with people like me.

I always feel bad about what I have done, but only after I sober up.

Everything, I mean EVERYTHING I do benefits me, or I don’t do it.

I will only decide to give up Alcohol & Drugs long after they have stopped working for me and I have tried all other options to no avail.

I always get worse before I get better…

If you love me and are trying to help me, you should get help for yourself because you are the LAST person in the world that will be able to help me, EVER. Try to get that before you help kill both of us.

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