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De Colores

De Colores

De Colores is a Spanish expression which means in colors. If there are sad moments in life, there are also others when we see everything in color. This is the case of a person who discovers that he or she is loved by the very person that he or she loves. For lovers, everyday life loses its sadness, the sun shines, life is beautiful, and we see it through rose-colored spectacles.  

In the same way, the realization that we are being loved by God in a way that is unparalleled and unconditional, creates in our inner self, a feeling which is like an incredible rainbow. After this experience, life is not the same; we have a new vision of the world, we act differently and we discover, in the Christian community, the many faces of Christ.

Indeed, as the prism decomposes white light in a scale of various colors, so do those who are around us.  Every one of us has a different color, each one reflects an aspect of Christ.

The ” De Colores ” calls forth this joy caused by the discovery of God’s love and the presence of Christ in ourselves and in others.

It comes from a song!

However we must say that if we have come to use that expression, it is rather by coincidence, because of a song titled ” De Colores ! ” which was very popular at the time of the first Cursillo on the island of Majorca (a beautiful island in the Mediterranean sea where spring is a real enchantment of colors).

That song, borrowed from the Mexican folklore, expresses the joy of living and exalts the beauties of creation. It was readily adopted by the first cursillistas as a reflection of their inner feelings.

Its popularity carried over from one Cursillo to another and it ended up becoming the theme song of the Movement, even though it was never officially recognized as such.

De Colores - au piano

 piano by Enrique Chia

DeColores en espagnol par Nana Mouskouri

sung by Nana Mouskouri
Spanish lyrics text

De Colores chanté par Rafi

sung in Spanish by Raffi

All in colors, all in colors the fields love to dress in all during the springtime.
All in colors, all in colors the birds have their clothing that comes every season.
All in colors, all in colors the rainbow is vested across the blue sky.

Refrain :
All in colors, and so must all love be of every bright color to make my heart cry. (repeat)

All in colors, all in colors we witness the sun up on clear and bright mornings.
All in colors, all in colors the sun gives its teasures God’s light to His children.
All in colors, all in colors the diamond will sparkle when brought to the light

Joyfully, joyfully
we will live in God’s friendship
because He has willed it.
Faithfully, faithfully
we will slake the great thirsting
of Christ the immortal.
Joyfully, joyfully
we will bring to our Savior
a harvest of souls
pouring outward the light from within
The grace of our God His infinite Life. (repeat)

Missionaries, missionaries
of Christ with His courage
determined to conquer.
Cursillistas, cursillistas
who don’t pay attention
to human opinion.
Let the cowards, let the cowards
deride us and taunt us
but it is the truth
that they really desire the pleasure
of being in grace in colors with us (repeat)

Sings the rooster, sings the rooster
with his quiri, quiri,
quiri, quiri, quiri,
And the cluck-hen, and the cluck-hen
with her cara, cara,
cara, cara, cara.
And the babe-chicks, and the babe-chicks
with their pio, pio, pio, pio, pi.


De Colores, living colors embrace all of nature with love in the springtime,
De Colores, living colors adorn all the birdies that fly day and nighttime,
De Colores, living colors envelope the rainbow in heavens above,
That’s the reason I like all the colors that brighten
the life of the things that I love ! (repeat)

De Colores, living colors so brilliant and subtle that greet every morning,
De Colores, living colors as graceful and peaceful as God’s shining love,
That’s the reason I like all the colors that brighten
the life of the things that I love ! (repeat)

We are joyful, we are joyful in God’s loving grace, and that’s why we sing,
We are happy, we are happy because we are subjects of Christ our King,
We are cheeful, we are cheerful and take our gladness to each faithful soul,
Radiating the truth that enlightens and brightens
the way to our life’s supreme goal ! (repeat)

Crows the rooster, crows the rooster with his kiri-kiri, kiri, kiri-kiri,
And the cluck-hen, and the cluck-hen with her kara-kara, kara, kara-kara,
And the babe-chicks, and the babe-chicks with their pio-ppio, pio, pio-pi,
That’s the reason I like all the clors that brighten
the ;ife of the things that I love ! (repeat)


De Colores from Neerkol
Verses supplied by Frenchville’s Frogs Reunion Group
Faithfully Reaching Out in God’s Service

Sprigs of wattle, sprigs of wattle burst forth
In their yellows and golds in the springtime,
Bougainvillea, see it sprawling around
As it covers the ground like God’s glory
So the insects, so the insects flit down,
Blue, red, orange, and brown; filled with life.

De Colores, the rainbow of Queensland,
The gifts our Creator gave into our care. (repeat)
Hooray !

Kangaroos, bounding late in the day
In their great mobs of grey and of red,
And the reptiles, and the reptiles that slide,
Hop or glide in the green blady grass.
Dancing brolgas, making praise in the morning,
Rejoicing with pink underwing.

Hallelujah ! The loving and giving,
The colors are singing to make our hearts dance. (repeat)
Hooray !

Waterfalls, waterfalls rushing downwards
To silver the rocks with their essence.
Golden beaches, golden beaches alive
With the joy and the laughter of children.
See the desert, where the sands with their ochres
Are blown by the wind of God’s love.

And, that’s all I have to say about that!

De Colores!


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