Me, strung out on Meth finally arrested for 10 Felonies

Deb Arnold 2014
Deb Arnold
September 2015 Kendall County Jail – August 2014 Visiting relatives in Alabama

Jacob Beltran wrote the following article about me at 10:12 pm CDT, on Wednesday, September 16, 2015, and published it in the news section of MySanAntonio.com. The story was also covered by the local San Antonio News stations and given over two minutes of airtime.

This was NOT my finest moment, but it was also NOT the moment that would define my life.

I have now been sober, once again, for over four years and Prison is a but a memory from my past that I do not often look back on. My daughter continues to encourage me with “Don’t let that define you, Mom” and she lets me know how strong I am. After all, it was only a moment out of an entire lifetime.

My story of Drug Addiction and Alcoholism started years before this incident. I began shooting Methamphedimine when I was only sixteen continuing my use of this toxic drug until it almost killed me when I was twenty-one.

Swearing off Meth for decades, I once again picked it up and withing eleven months I blew up my entire life. I lost my family, my home, my business and spent almost three years in prison after pleading guilty to ten felonies.

As I said, this was NOT my finest moment, but it was also NOT the moment that would define my life.

I think it is imperative that we share our stories of victory over addiction and how we learn to live life on life’s terms in sobriety.

So many of us come back from the brink of death. My sobriety date is the date Jacob wrote the article, not because I was arrested that day, but because I picked up a chip in one of the two recovery meetings I attended that day. I have now been sober for over 4 years, I am just one of many miracles.

Please, share your stories of Addiction and recovery with us, we need to hear them as much as you need to tell them.

You can post your stories here and they will be added to Sobered UP word for word: http://soberedup.com/contact-deb/

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Woman twice bailed from jail accused of stealing two vehicles in one day

Arnold was initially arrested August 11 and placed in the Kendall County Jail on charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, multiple counts of credit card abuse, and burglary of a habitation, among other charges.

With her total charges adding up to $36,000, she was released on bond on Sept. 4, police said.

Nine days later. on Sunday, she was arrested on three additional charges including evading arrest using a vehicle, possession of a controlled substance, and multiple counts of burglary of a habitation.

This time, her bail totaled $35,000 as she bonded out on Tuesday.

Police said Arnold currently has active cases for criminal offenses within Bexar, Kendall, and Bandera counties.

The department noted in Spanish that the notice is not intended to embarrass Arnold, but to inform the community of a wanted person.

People with information on the whereabouts of Arnold are asked to contact the Boerne Police Department at (830) 249-8645 and ask for Detective Ovidio Flores or email oflores@ci.boerne.tx.us.

People who wish to remain anonymous can contact Kendall County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-348-5323.


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